Friends of Otolo is now accepting applications for membership. If you would like to participate in the forthcoming events of FOO, and help us reach our goal of establishing Le Musée d'Otolo, you may do so below, by selecting a membership level that works best for your circumstance. If you have any questions about Friends of Otolo, contact FOO at:
How to Apply for Membership
Application for membership is simple and we welcome the participation of all who wish to help create Le Musée d'Otolo. Just select one of the membership levels below and your prefered method of payment. Once you have submitted payment for your membership, please forward an email with name, address and membership level for which you have paid to FOO will then verify this information with PayPal and issue your membership card.
Please Note: Memberships offered on this page are non-voting memberships, and do not participate in voting on the activities and procedures of Friends of Otolo. To determine the tax-deductible status of membership subscriptions, please consult your financial advisor.
Annual Dues
Sponsoring Member 12.50 Euros first year. 10.00 Euros Annual Renewal After First Year Quarterly email updates on FOO progress, advance access to public event tickets and participation in events to be scheduled for members of Friends of Otolo. New members will receive a membership card, identifying their Membership Level and Member number.
Contributing Member 250.00 Euros Annual Subscription Four free tickets to one ticketed event annually, in addition to the benefits of a Sponsoring Member.
Associate Member 500.00 Euros Annual Subscription Free access for two to all ticketed events held by Friends of Otolo, invitation for two to annual dinner with Otolo, in addition to the benefits of a Contributing Member.
Note: Direct Deposit is not a recommended option for those living outside the European Union who wish to pay for a Sponsoring Membership. The bank fees will likely be more than the dues amount to be paid.
Account Name - Friends of Otolo e.V. Bank - Volksbank Lahr eG
Account # -3704660803
BLZ. - 68290000
For use by applicants residing within Germany, only.
IBAN - DE 86 6829 0000 3704 6608 03 For applicants from outside Germany, as well as SEPA transactions within the E.U .
BIC (SWIFT) - GENODE61LAH For applicants from outside Germany, as well as SEPA transactions within the E.U.
If you wish to use your MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover card to pay for your membership in Friends of Otolo, you may do so by using our PayPal account information. It is not necessary to establish an account with PayPal to use this option. PayPal accepts one-time payments made by credit card, debit card or directly from your bank account.
Foo PayPal Account Name:

Please remember that dues must be paid in Euros and PayPal supports 18 different currencies.

By clicking on the payment options below, you will be directed to a local PayPal site in your country and language.

Sponsoring Membership First Year Subscription
12.50 Euros
Contributing Membership Annual Subscription
250.00 Euros
Associate Membership Annual Subscription
500.00 Euros
If you wish to review PayPal's current policies and online security procedures, you may find this information by visiting any of the links you will find listed below: